Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Which Position Suits You Best According To MBTI Personality Types?

You can read details on each personality type here. Which one is yours?

P.S. I posted a similar post a few years ago.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Tattooed Indonesian Men Appreciation Post

There is a significantly rising number of tattooed Indonesian men on screen, either on TV or the big screen. So I thought I'd do a compilation of them, just for fun. 

Rio Dewanto. Source: DAMAN

Rio Dewanto
Actor Rio Dewanto had been working in television films for years and gained public recognition after he starred in Joko Anwar's The Forbidden Door in 2009. He worked again with Joko Anwar in Modus Anomali in 2011. He dated actress Atiqah Hasiholan, who is five years his senior, before tying the knot in 2013. I think, any man who dates and marries older woman deserves an honorable mention because the common norm that applies here is men usually marry younger women.

Chef Juna Rorimpandey. Source.

Juna Rorimpandey
The heavily tattooed chef rose to prominence after becoming one of the panel for cooking competition TV show MasterChef (2011-2012) and Hell's Kitchen Indonesia (2015-2016).

Marshall Sastra. Source: DAMAN (left) and Instarix (right)

Marshall Sastra
Marshall Sastra studied interior design in college and worked as a model, but he sort of caught public eye after becoming TV host for travel show My Trip My Adventure. He married model Dominique A. Diyose in 2014, but they separated one year later.

P.S. My previous appreciation post on Indonesian men is here, if you'd like to see.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Hidden Message In One Of Work Interview Questions

Applying for a job nowadays is a world's apart compared to 15 years ago, or the year I graduated university and started job hunting. Yes, I'm old. Moving on.

In the past, we typed the application letters, put them and the required documents into an envelope and mailed them through the post offices. Nowadays, we simply log on to our emails, type in a courtesy email, attach related documents and send them off. I can do this during lunch time.

One thing that remains the same in the recruitment process is the work interview part. No matter how good our CV looks, the HR will need to see us in person and decide if we can fit the bill. And it's the other way around. There are many ways we can tell about a workplace from the work interview, the panel and the questions asked during the interview.

A few years ago, I went to a work interview, with the panel consisting of the HR manager, the supervisor and the person whose position was to be filled. There was a question from the HR manager that sounded a bit innocent, but in reality it carried a hidden message: what would you do to solve conflict at the work place?

When that question was dropped, I noticed that the other two panelists dropped their eyes onto the desk. I had forgotten the exact answer, I just said something that crossed my mind at that time about conflict resolution. Long story short, I got the job. And the first thing my new colleagues told me was to be careful and stay out of trouble because my supervisor and the previous person in my position had a conflict. Me being me, I managed to survive the regime, alhamdulillah.

I heard the same question a few weeks ago on a work interview. With my current project to conclude in March 2018, I've been sending job applications since the end of November 2017. I figured that the HR departments would start sorting the applications after New Year. My calculation proved to be quite correct. This January, I got five invitations to job interviews, with one was done over Skype, which was a first time for me. There was also one job interview that I did on Monday afternoon after I sent the application letter on Saturday afternoon. And I went to the interview wearing knee-length hooded dress and white sneakers!

But I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, the conflict resolution question.

Needless to say, my ears perked up while my heart sank. The position was a new role that I'd never done before, so I was certain I would need lots of time to catch up and I was not ready yet to face possible conflicts at the new workplace. I was still excited about the position, though.

After the interview, I checked the fact with an HR colleague, whether that office had a conflict and who was the culprit. The good thing about HR people is they have good network and lots of information on vacancies and people. The HR colleague confirmed my intuition, but she told me not to worry much as she had seen me handling my former supervisor.

Anyway, back to the work interviews. I am still waiting for the results with baited breath. All positions were in the  communications field. The job vacancies on communications are not as much as the operation positions (admin/finance/procurement), so I was a bit worried that I might not secure any job until April.

If everything runs well and with Allah's blessings, I would have a new job before March. But even if it did not happen (me not landing any job until April), then I could always take the time to have a break and explore my interests in other fields. Wish me luck, people.

In the mean time, if you're in a recruitment process and hear that question, brace yourself. I'm not saying that you should turn down the job if it's offered to you. But you need to be more careful.

Which question in a work interview that makes you learn something about the workplace? I'd love to hear.

Just for fun, this was the outfit I wore to one of the work interviews this month. I read the invitation email at 9 a.m., while the interview was scheduled at 3.30 p.m. on the same day. This is the kind of outfit I would wear to office if I work on reports and not scheduled for meetings outside of office.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Earthquake Safety Measures

Yesterday, Jakarta and its surrounding areas experienced an earthquake, at the magnitude of 6.4 Richter scale. I was doing remote working from a nearby co-working space, so I made sure both parents were safe before continuing working.

After browsing the Internet, I found that there were two earthquakes yesterday. The first took place near Papua New Guinea at around 12.50 p.m., and the second occurred off the southern coastline of Banten province at around 13.30 p.m.

Stay safe, everyone.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Monday, January 8, 2018

Fallen Trees, New Opportunities

A day before New Year saw heavy downpour with strong wind. A melinjo tree in my front yard fell down due to the wind, then a sour-sop tree in my backyard also fell down. The melinjo tree was actually a gift from nature. We never planted it, it just came out the earth, possibly dropped there by nocturnal animals.

The melinjo tree broke the lamp, and at first we thought it severed the telephone cable as well, but it didn't. We waited until the rain stopped and started to cut the small branches to ease us in pulling the bough to the front yard.

It's a good thing that we had a collection of sharp things. They really did a good job. My good neighbors came scurrying to help me, either they felt sorry to see a girl doing the hard work or chivalry is not dead. They did not have any tools, though. And when I asked them which tool they would like to use, they did a double take.

From this, I can deduce that one thing for sure, every girl should have a good collection of sharp things. And it should include brain.

Back to the fallen tree, I lent them machete and saw. Within 30 minutes, we managed to clean my the front yard. A neighbor asked if she could take some melinjo leaves, then she told us that the flowers could also be used. In a city where people are usually busy with their business, having a quick chat over melinjo bough is quite entertaining.

The next day, I found that the sour-sop tree in the back yard also fell. I remembered a friend had mentioned that she needed sour-sop leaves to cure her husband's leukemia. So I picked the leaves and asked her if she still needed some. She said yes, and I gave the leaves when we met a few days later for our annual lunch ritual.

I also asked the organic vegetable agents if they needed any. One agent responded and came to my house a few days later to pick up the leaves. She told me to take care of the sour-sop tree because many people needed the leaves, and I could sell the leaves through the agents.

I have always thought that a fallen tree meant the end of a life. It's funny how two fallen trees have opened spaces for conversations. But I guess life works in a funny way. I should learn to listen more to any opportunities in any situations.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Ayyamul Bidh Schedule In 2018

M introduced me to Ayyamul Bidh, a sunnah fasting conducted in the middle of Hijriyah months or on the 13-14-15 of each month. At first, it felt weird to fast outside of the normally Monday and Thursday sunnah fasting. But then a colleague followed, saying that she used to do ayyamul bidh when she was younger (she's 50-something now) and another one who is in his early 20s even asked me to wake him up via phonecall for sahur (pre-dawn meal) on those days (I really feel like I'm everyone's auntie now).

Sometimes the days fall between Monday and Thursday, so I usually combine the two types of fasting. There is a je-ne-sais-quoi peaceful state of mind when doing fasting, either Ramadhan or other sunnah fasting. 

Since the world uses Gregorian calendar system and Muslims use our own lunar calendar system, there is an 11-day difference. Here is this year's calendar for ayyamul bidh. Feel free to use it, but again, ayyamul bidh is sunnah. There is no expulsion :)